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Professional Oncology Consultation: What it is and Why it is Important

Professional Oncology Consultation

In Medicine more than other disciplines, the patient, the doctor and the family are confronted with life and death decisions – ones that will determine the patient's chances of survival and quality of life, and quality of life of those around him.

Many studies have shown that doctors make different diagnoses and recommendations for treatment for the same patient. Thus, a professional second opinion is crucial to confirm or re-evaluate the diagnosis and treatment recommended by the attending physician. Seeking a second opinion as early as possible is of the utmost importance for the patient to make sure the treatment plan chosen for him is the best available, the best for him, carries minimum risks, and will have the smallest impact on his quality of life. The second opinion is also important to the physician. It serves as a form of quality control for his medical decisions and exposes him to other ways of thinking about a particular case. Another important factor is the economic one: a second opinion can save unnecessary tests, operations, and bizarre treatments whose effectiveness has not been established and can be quite costly.

We cannot ignore that a second opinion can also cause confusion when it contradicts the opinion of your attending physician. But, a second opinion rendered by a professional team of highly qualified and experienced specialists can ultimately guide the patient and the physician to the correct decisions.